The year that passed 2020: For better or worse

Another year is now over, and what a wild one - for better or worse!

When in 2019 I jumped happily and hopefully into 2020 at a sky bar in Gdansk, I, like everyone else, had not imagined that it was just right like this 2020 would be.

I have collected a few lows and highs from MicMics 2020 here

  • On March 11, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen shuts down the whole country.
    I was also worried about the future; For the world community, for Denmark, for my family - I think most people did.
    Besides that my beautiful shops unfortunately had to stay closed, MicMic was not hit. On the contrary! It flooded in with sales on the webshop and interest in MicMic increased and increased. Despite the dull world situation, I gained a renewed belief that MicMics crossover bags, purse and other leather products were exactly what you were missing. You became my inspiration, and I remember it was extremely motivating.

  • The joy was short. A few weeks after Denmark closed down, employees at my workshops, sewing rooms and factories were also sent home. All my spring deliveries were right on the stairs but could not be completed. Suddenly I was standing with an empty warehouse.
    I therefore agreed to a temporary job in the municipality of Copenhagen, as they lacked staffing due to the many restrictions they were subject to.

  • In late July, I saw the light. I received the first delivery of the year! One week later, the next one arrived, and in the following weeks, two more deliveries arrived! With shaking hands, I got screwed up well for all my stagnant channels. Fortunately, sales picked up immediately and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. It was a huge redemption!

  • Autumn flew away before the eyes of me. I sold more than ever and had to immediately order more items, optimize my workflows and generally transform MicMic into a more "adult" company with routines and processes.
    I am by no means in goal, but it will be one of my big missions in 2021

A positive end to 2020

2020 has brought the MicMic all the way to the bottom, but also the opposite.
I have truly learned that as a self-employed person you are very vulnerable to external circumstances. Fortunately, I thrive in chaos and unpredictability, and the yes-hat has never been hung on the shelf. I think that has been absolutely crucial for my go-ahead in the year 2020.

2020 also made it necessary to think outside the box, make new initiatives and build a plan B. I was pressured to change workflows and adjust my safe framework. But I also believe that it is healthy to be pushed out into deep water as it often provides new, great ideas!

I am eternally grateful that you faithfully follow the sideline and visit the webshop. I owe you the world's biggest thanks for a well-completed 2020.

I hope that in 2021 I can show you even more cool designs as well as support even more fair jobs in Ethiopia and India.

Thank you again for following.

We wish you the best in 2021.

Knus Michala
Owner and designer behind MicMic