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Bumbags & fannypacks

Leather belt bags are back!
I am a huge fan and a big consumer of belt bags, bumbags, belly bags or whatever you call the bags that you have around the belly or across the body. Therefore, I also absolutely love that they are back in the fashion picture, and this time it is known to stay!
I love that they are so practical! They can be used to take with you on a trip, at a festival, in the city, to the beach, down shopping or whatever else you need to do outside the home - in fact, it is only the imagination that sets the limit.
With a belt bag around the body, you always have your hands completely free and a lot of movement.

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My name is Michala. I am the owner and designer behind MicMic.
Above you see my selection of leather accessories in the highest quality.
All styles are made at fair facilities in Ethiopia and India You can read more about my social projects right here.

Bumbags and belt bags for men and women

The rustic and practical design of my belt bags makes them suitable for both men and women.
The belt bag has a zipper for the large space in the middle. Here there is room for purse, mobile, keys - and everything depending on the size of the aforementioned, possibly also other necessities such as lip makeup, make-up, etc.
The space becomes larger when the belt bag is used, as the bottom unfolds over time and creates a slightly wider bag.
In addition to the large compartment, there is also a compartment with a zipper towards the body. Here can be notes, passports, coins, jewelry and other small things in.
I myself use this space diligently for money and care when I am traveling. The space on the inside of the bag is protected very well against theft, as others can not put their fingers in the pocket.

The belt bag knows no age. Everyone from very young to older can really enjoy a bumbag.

Leather belt bag care

The product at MicMic is custom designed and sewn in Ethiopia and India.
Delivery from Ethiopia can be unstable and sometimes unpredictable, which is why MicMic also works with a facility in India. Here they are experts in eco-friendly leather. This means that the leather is free of harsh chemicals such as chromium and azo dyes. You can read more about the eco-friendly leather and our partner's certification right here.

All belt bags are sewn in the eco-friendly, delicious leather.
This means that the bags get a lot of patina when they are used. Over the years, the bags will shape and evolve. The colors will be deeper and darker, of course especially on light products such as. Siem belt bag in brown.
The bags do not need care from the start. If you are sensitive to your new product and do not want immediate stains on the leather, you can use leather impregnation to your advantage. This should be like a spray so that an even layer is applied over the entire product. Otherwise, follow the instructions on your waterproofing.

Leather grease is good if the leather seems dry. MicMic does not recommend using leather grease for your brown belt bag, as it will affect the color - however, it can be used on the black belt bag.

Finally, I would add that if the product gets a stain - then fear not! Over time, the leather will erase the stain and patina will form. Therefore, there is a high probability that the stains will disappear in the patina over time.

Leather belt bags and leather bumbags

Bumbags at MicMic are sewn in high quality leather from our partners in India. They specialize in eco-friendly leather, which means that no heavy chemicals have been used to tan the leather. By buying this belt bag, you help to ensure that eco-friendly leather wins out - and that together we can take better care of our soil. It also creates a more sustainable product.
Our partner in India is SA8000 certified. It is one of the most recognized international standards in social responsibility and places great demands on the conditions of employees. You can read more about this right here.

The leather is thick, and may seem a little stiff from new. Over time, however, it gets a nice patina and the leather becomes soft and shaped just for your body. Most people think that the belt pockets just get nicer with time when the patina settles.

A belt bag for everyone

The Siem belt bag is unisex. It is available in the colors brown and black, so you can choose the color that best suits your style and personality.
You can choose to use the belt bag around the hip or around the shoulder as a crossover bag.
The belt bag is functional and informal. However, it can easily be spruced up with a finer shirt, a nice pair of shoes, a dress or the like if it is to be used for a finer event such as. birthdays, confirmations, etc.