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My name is Michala and I am the owner behind MicMic.
In this session I share everything from knowledge, experiences and tips to ups and downs. I am not pale for sharing my thoughts on being a female entrepreneur in an environment surrounded by men or for sharing my own vulnerable moments. I also share inspiration, gift ideas, news and much much more!

Like many others, I started from scratch with an idea. Subsequently, I have thrown myself into designs, suppliers, website and everything other things.

I hope you will follow along here.


January 22, 2021

The year that passed 2020: For better or worse I have collected a few lows and highs from MicMics 2020 here…

Knitting bag from MiniMic

August 24, 2020

About a year ago, I designed this bag that was intended as a diaper bag. The idea came insidiously when I was tired of having my nephew's big backing with me every time we just needed one…